Quiet luxury

❝ The original building has an interesting history and a unique atmosphere. You can feel this in the many ways in which the interior manifests itself through valuable details and unexpected corners. It is a building that has not been easy to change, but it has been a challenge that has been happily embraced.

I always respect the context and try not to remove too much, but I also don’t shy away from spatial intervention. It’s a subtle balancing act. You have the strange feeling that nothing has changed at all, but on the other hand you discover that the spatial interventions add a more open and contemporary character. The scenography of spaces and depth is more accentuated. Wall surfaces are showing the private art collection. The beautiful reflections of the sunlight through the glass windows create an ever-changing atmosphere.

The interior design is based on a connection between valuable materials and tactile textures. The composition and choices respect and underline the atmosphere of quiet luxury as an intimate feeling to give shape to the new authenticity. ❞


– Maarten Van De Voorde –